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Upgraded Sweet Offerings


A Selection of Tray-Passed Petite Fours: Variety of Chocolate Truffles,

Toffee, Cookies, Petite Cakes and Pastries

Add $8 per person


Petite Fours Selected by the Chef Displayed at a Station

Add $14 per person


Biscotti, Almond Chocolate Toffee and Coconut Almond Macaroons Provided at a Coffee Station

Add $3 per person


Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies Tray-passed with Milk Shooters

Add $3 per person


Butterscotch Ice Cream Sandwiches

Add $3.75 per person

(Tray-passed during dancing)


Ungraded Savory Offerings


Bags of Truffled Popcorn

Add $2.00 per person

(Tray-passed during dancing or at end of event as a parting gift)


Artisan Cheese Station with Bread, Nuts, and Fruit 

(presented at cocktail hour or after dinner)

One hour - $7.50 per person 

Two hours - $10 per person 

Throughout the event - $12 per person 

Charcuterie can be added with the pricing to adjust accordingly

Tray-Passed Petite Black Forest Ham and Comte Sandwich

Add $4 per person


Le Papillon will cut and serve cake - $1 per person


Wedding Cake Recommendations Available Upon Request

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